flowchart LR A[Probe with periodic behaviour] -->|JSON formatted result| B(Aggregation) AA[Probe with cyclic behaviour] -->|JSON formatted result| B AAA[Probe with one shot behaviour] -->|JSON formatted result| B B --> C(Correlation Engine with cyclic behaviour) C -->|Write| D[Database] C -->|Send| E[Ad hoc module] F[External source] -->|HTTP POST| C

Each agent is authenticated, registered and declare its availability (for the presence notification system).

Ad hoc module: a module in order to share data with external platforms, such as MISP 1 or other database systems.

The correlation agent also provides a PubSub mechanism.

Type of agents#

Each agent has the possibility to provide a HTML view and different services.

Correlation Engine#

Pub/Sub mechanism#

Probe agent#

Configuration file of a probe agent:

   "uuid": "",
   "period": 3600,
   "target": "",
   "command": "",
   "args": [],
   "result_parser": "",
   "up_agent": ""

One shot#

A one shot probe agent can be launched for a ponctual task. For example a task triggered by an action of a user via a graphical user interface. A agent is able to manage a list of jobs. For an important number of jobs it is possible to launch several agents in parallel.


An agent capable of executing a specific task at a scheduled period.

Screen shots#

List behaviours of the Correlation Engine

Fig. 1 List behaviours of the Correlation Engine#

Messages received by the Correlation Engine

Fig. 2 Messages received by the Correlation Engine from various probes.#

Presence notification

Fig. 3 Presence notification#

Some details about a contact of the Correlation Engine.

Fig. 4 Some details about a contact of the Correlation Engine.#


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